​Why are some of the Skin Essential Products packaged in aerosol?                           

The multi-active ingredients in Skin Essential products are sensitive to the air, the integrity of the product is maintained for longer in the sealed aerosol package.The aerosol unit is also a versatile & reliable packaging solution that won’t break or leak when carried in a sports bag, handbag, schoolbag or bum pack & it won’t smash if accidently dropped. It is designed to be a slimline, go anywhere, anytime sports product.

What is "MMST" ?

MMST stands for ‘Micronised Molecular Skin Technology’ – a technology developed by our own in house biomedical scientist.Each ingredient in the product is small enough that the skin can use & convert it quickly, so you can experience relief within minutes of application. 


What is Sports Vita Spray?

Skin Essential Sports Vita Spray is a micronised, multi-active vitamin spray.

It contains multiple natural actives in an all over high performance sports oil, in the form of a body rub.

The Sports Vita Spray has a triple action, ideal to prevent, relieve & restore sore, tired & aching muscles.



How does Sports Vita Spray bring relief?

Sports Vita Spray is ideal to assist people with physically demanding lifestyles, to optimise the health of muscles & associated soft tissues.

The Sports Vita Spray is ideal for soft tissue trauma & common muscular aches & pains that are the result of mild inflammation & over-activity, sports injury or everyday activity.



Who can use Sports Vita Spray?

•Sports Vita Spray was originally designed for Olympic athletes, as it is completely drug free, it has been listed with MIMS since 2013 and is listed as ‘Permitted in Sport’, making it safe for use by all sporting codes during competition.

•It is now also used by amateur sports people, weekend sports enthusiasts, as well as every day people of all ages – children, pregnant women & the elderly included, who may be suffering with cramps, aches & pains, strains & muscle soreness, even arthritis.



How is the Sports Treat-a-Chafe endothermic?

The Sports Treat-a-chafe continuously maintains a protective film whether the skin is hot or cold, wet or dry, which is really important if you are competing in competitive sport activities.  

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