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What it is...

Skin Essential Sports Vita Spray is a micronised multi-active vitamin spray, containing natural actives in an all-over soothing body rub, with a triple action ideal to prevent, relieve & restore sore, tired & aching muscles. Designed for athletes & people with physical demanding lifestyles, to optimise the health of muscles * associated soft tissues.

"Permitted in Sport" - Listed in MIMS

Sports Vita Spray is suitable for adults, children and pregnant women.

It can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments such as ice therapy or heat packs, massage therapy and before applying support bandaging.

When used during training periods of muscle building Skin Essential Sports Vita Spray is ideal to help relieve stretch marks and aches.

For best results use before (prevent), during (relieve) and after (recover) sport or physical activity.

Skin Essential - Sports Treat 'A' Chafe

Designed to endure the full duration of the most demanding athletic disciplines with extreme conditions of heat & friction as well as everyday activity.

As an endothermic product that responds to the body's heat while continuously maintaining a protective film whether the skin is hot or cold, protecting the skin from irratation due to the rubbing of skin on skin or clothing on skin or excessive sweating, successfully reducing the constant burning & torture of chafing.

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