Apply before physical activity, sport &, physical exertion


Can be re-applied during physical activity


Apply after physical activity to restore & replenish


Sports Vita Spray is a triple action, micronised, multi-active vitamin spray containing natural actives in an all-over soothing body rub. Designed for athletes & people with physically demanding lifestyles to assist in optimising the health of soft tissue.

Permitted in Sport - listed in Mims.

Suitable for adults, children & pregnant women. Sports Vita Spray can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments such as ice therapy, heat packs, massage therapy & before applying support bandage. 

When used during training periods of muscle building, Sports Vita Spray is ideal to help relieve stretch marks & aches.

A portion of the sale of every Sports Vita Spray proudly supporting 

Permitted in Sport - listed in Mims

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