Sports Testimonials

LK  (Dr)
I just wanted to thank you for supplying the vitamin sports spray for use on the recent 2-day bike ride to Newcastle. I used it several times during the ride as well as after completion. On the second day in the afternoon, after a pretty hot & tough couple of hours riding most of the riders were starting to cramp up a bit. After applying the spray I definitely felt a benefit & was able to enjoy the ride to the finish without further cramping & with a rapid post-ride recovery. Discussions with several other riders revealed a similar positive experience. Thanks again for your generosity in supplying this for our use. 

 JA,  (Retired Boxer)
 Thank you for recommending Sports Vita Spray for me. As you are aware in my youth in England I was very involved in Amateur Boxing. Training every day, lots of work on the punching bags, spring balls and sparring with trainers. During the year I was constantly fighting in one competition or another.
Now my hands have a constant ache especially in the knuckles and when you gave me the Sports Vita Spray to use I must admit I was sceptical. However as DencoRub and Voltaran Gel had not given me satisfaction I commenced using the Sports Vita Spray. I started off using it at night spraying the knuckles and rubbing it in thoroughly. I found out that it took away the nagging ache and in the morning my knuckles were not as stiff. I also give a light spray in the morning before gardening or gym. This treatment is keeping away the nagging ache and allows me to keep active without the constant reminder that our sports injuries etc. come back to bite us as we get older... 
RD,   (Age 85. Male)
I have suffered with muscle cramps in my calves when in bed for some years and various medications had little effect. Some six months ago I was given Vita Spray and applying it after a shower and before going to bed. I now have no problem with cramps. 
KB,   (female)
 I use VitaSpray to alleviate post-exercise muscle pain. Just yesterday, I woke with painful calves from an exercise class the day before, so after my shower I used the VitaSpray. During the day, I noticed a few twinges when walking down stairs, but today there’s no pain at all – when normally, the 2nd day is the worst. One application was all it took. 
My stepfather, who is in his 80’s, has also had great results in using VitaSpray to alleviate painful leg cramps that occurred while walking. He would apply the VitaSpray immediately to take the cramp away, as well as regular application morning and night. Over the course of a month or two, the incidence of cramping reduced to almost none. He will continue to use the VitaSpray morning and night, to keep the cramps at bay. 
SM, (Female) 
I am a 66-year old female sufferer of arthritis over many years and write to thank you for the relief I have experienced massaging Skin Essential Sports Vita-Spray on to affected areas. 
Pain is reduced from the first use, with full relief on follow-up applications enabling me to eliminate the need for strong anti-inflammatory medication. 
I have tried many other products but have found Sports Vita-Spray the most successful. 
Incidentally, not only has Sports-Vita Spray given wonderful relief to my joints, the repeated use has dramatically reduced age spots on the back of my hands. 


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